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Chef Roberto Scala Alta Valle Scrivia

Penne with Fresh Mediterranean Tuna

You will notice the ingredient list is a little funky but that was the best I could do translating from the original Italian.  It just didn’t look like it required 4 table spoons of capers which is what 50 g or 2 oz. translates to.  There are some seafood clinics in with the recipes and I promise to do one on Ahi soon.

Alta Valle Scrivia’s recipe videos are sensational and easy to follow.  Roberto Scala’s videos are particularly riveting as is the one where the Chef is making pesto with giant a mortar and pestle.  Remember to stock up on the ingredients that will make your life easy like our Tomatoes and Passata.  Ranise is Liguria’s the best producer of sauces, tapenade and pesto so save yourself some time they pair perfectly with the Pasta from Alta Valle Scrivia.

Ranise Sauces and Pesto Perfect w/ pasta from Alta Valle Scrivia
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