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Artisan Pasta from Gentile from Gragnano in Campania Italy

Artisan Pasta By Gentile

Pastificio Gentile has been a landmark in Gragnano since 1876.  They call Gragnano the pasta capital of the world.  A combination of regional terroir, the specific origins of the wheat and the craftsmanship of Gentile that make this  pasta so delicious.
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Pasta By Alta Valle Scrivia of Liguria Italy

Pasta By Alta Valle Scrivia

Alta Valle Scrivia has deep roots in Ligurian culture and local cuisine. Their Traditional Ligurian shapes help chefs discover an array of delicious, healthy recipes from their coastal region. Check out the Video Recipes here or via the QR code on the pack for each of our pasta shapes.
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Artisan Pasta from Italy by Marella

Pastificio Marella Puglia, Italy

From Puglia in South Eastern Italy where some of our favorite Olive Oil producer are from…  Marella is artisan pasta to the max.  I first saw their rainbow pasta in a cook book I bought about 20 years ago and I finally found them at a trade show about 8 years ago.
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San Nicola dei Miri Organic Piennolo and San Marzano Tomatoes From Italy

San Nicola dei Miri

Offers organic Piennolo and San Marzano tomatoes from the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius.  This unique terroir creates the most incredible sweet and mineral rich tomatoes on the planet.  They are the perfect building blocks for the red sauce of your dreams.  It is really easy to produce a great meal when you have the right ingredients.
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Artisan Pasta from Italy by Morelli

Artisan Pasta By Morelli

Pasta Morelli is processed according to an ancient craft technique. The machines slowly press the kneaded mixture after having hand rolled it on frames. Then the drying process takes place in cold storage rooms where the pasta dries for 36 hours at a low temperature which maintains the flavor and nutritious properties of the macaroni.
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Ranise EVOO and Sauses from Liguria Italy

Ranise ... Liguria, Italy

Everything Ranise produces comes from an agricultural wonderland in Northwestern Italy in the foot hills of the Alps but also not far from the coast.  The cuisine is a sensational mix of farm and sea.  Their Sauces, Taggiasca EVOO and Tapenades are superb for all occasions.  Use Ranise sauces when you want an authentic pairing with Alta Valle Scrivia’s pasta.
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Pastificio Caponi Artisan Egg Pasta From Tuscany
Gluten Free Pasta La Rosa and La Veneziane
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