Sardanelli Mediterranean Tuna
 Peasant Pasta Sardanelli Tuna
Pastificio Morelli Squid Ink Linguini
Cooking With Olive Oil 2
Morelli Linguini With Black Squid Ink
Bomba Cherry Pepper Paste
Sicilian Capers

These are all likely ingredient options you will find in the store that sent you to this website. The squid ink linguine is a great option for this dish although the White Linguine from Marella or Gentile are both excellent choices also.  The Bomba Cherry Pepper Paste is a fantastic substitute fro pepper flakes as the flesh of the cherry peppers adds a depth to any dish that requires a additional heat.  Even the small capers are huge in comparison to what you normally see in stores.  I chop them up when I use them.  The extra large are the size of your thumb.  They are really good fried in EVOO and served as an appetizer.

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