This is a pretty good Riff and it is quit nice with either the Honey or Demerara Syrup.  BG Reynolds Honey Syrup in made with orange blossom honey so it has orange floral note to it.  It blends nicely with the PF Dry Curacao and the MB Negroni Bitters (which is distinct and one of the better orange bitters on the market).

Bar Tips Egg Whites…  Egg Whites can do wonderful things for a cocktail… trust me your wife or husband will love it when you hand them a Lion’s Tail, Aruba, Trinidad or Gin Fizz.  They are beautiful to look at and add a layer of not so much flavor but mouthfeel that is quite pleasant.

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We really like to use the 2 piece Cup and Can as our Shaker System.  It deals with the gas created when dealing with Egg Whites much better than the 3 piece system.  That said don’t let the 3 piece Cobbler Shaker slow you down.  Here is how I work thing out…