A lot of folks like Balsamic Vinegar and it can make for an interesting Cocktail ingredient. 

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Balsamic Boulevardier
Bufala Negra Recipe
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Fortitude Recipe
Balsamic Strawberry Smash
Big Apple Bourbon Cocktail
1100 75 vodka and Gin
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Italian Berry Mule Recipe
Curry Spiced Bloody Marys
Bloody Bulldog
Balsamic Lemonade and Vodka Cocktail
1100 75 Rum Tequila Mezcal
Caprese Daiquiri Recipe
Wine Cognac Other
Desmo Cocktail
Strawberry Balsamic Smash Recipe
ReModena Certified Organic Condimento Grade Balsamic Vinegar
House of Malpighi Balsamic Vinegar