Since 2008, Original Beans has helped to plant more than one million trees in regions as remote as the amazon and challenging as Eastern Congo. Through direct trade and reforestation projects, Original Beans was able to chang the lives of twenty-thousand cacao growing families, preserve some of the rarest cacaos in the world, and help to buffer forests that harbour the last mountain gorillas and the breathtaking birds of paradise.

Original Beans chocolates have repeatedly won the most prestigious chocolate awards and are served in the world’s best restaurants.

We are delighted that many chocolate lovers around the world share our passion for luxurious chocolate and rigorous sustainability. Together, we change the world through chocolate.

“You know the term fair trade is over used and in most cases it has become code for industrial production .  Philipp Kauffmann of Original Beans on the other hand is quite the opposite.  He is a true pioneer and conservationist.  If you have an interest in knowing where your chocolate comes from  check out the videos below.”
…Uncle Jerry

Some Of Our Favorite Bars From Original Beans
Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest
Original Beans Piura Porcelana
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Original Beans Femmes De Virunga 55% Organic Milk Chocolate D.R. Congo

Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Beni Amazon Bolivia 66%

Original Beans Piura Porcelana Piur River Valley Peruvian Andes