Frantoio Di Riva is part of the Agraria Riva Del Garda and Garda Trentino DOP. It is the northern most area where olives are grown and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Italy. All stages of production, from the cultivation of the olives to the milling and packaging of the extra virgin olive oil must meet strict guide lines. The olive oil producers regulated by the DOP must pass chemical and sensory analyses with much higher quality standards than that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Frantoio Di Rivas 46° PARALLELO is a single varietal oil, made from early-harvest local Casaliva olives from 10,000 trees averaging 130 years in age. It is lovely oil with the light creamy mouth feel characteristic of the region. On the nose it is grassy and on the palate celery lettuce, basil and apple. It is really superb and always scores in the 96-98 point range in the Flos Olei Guide.

They pick the olives early in the olive season so that the oil produced has a high concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols are the building blocks of antioxidants. There are hundreds of polyphenols in EVOO. However there are two or three that have the unique ability to combine with the other good foods you eat and transform them into more digestible nutrients. In clinical studies cooking with olive oil or just pouring it on the foods you eat increases the levels of levels of polyphenols in those foods. It is a synergistic effect and a gift from the universe.

This video features Frantoio Di Riva, their production facilities and groves along with wine making and other agricultural endeavors around Lake Garda.  It is in Italian but the photography is beautiful and you’ll get a good feel for the region.
One of the most spectacular growing regions on the planet.  The micro climate Lake Garda creates makes the farming of olives  possible at this altitude and latitude.  This is a beautiful video that showcases the teroir of where both Frantoio Di Riva and OlioCRU.
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Frantoio Di Riva
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