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If you like Coffee your “Uncle Jerry” recommends that you give DOMA a try!

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My Visit To DOMA’s Coffee Lab 

It was a life changing experience.  I had sought out great coffee and coffee culture in my travels around the States, Caribbean, South and Central America over 3 decades.  I had even gone to Coffee Trade Shows on behalf of clients in the 90s.  Rebecca,Terry and Scott opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities.   Best part is that coffee excellence is well with in the reach of consumers willing to learn  perfected brewing methods and invest in a little equipment.  DOMA is superb!  There are only about 4-5 roasters in the country that produce coffee this good.

The Kalita Pour Over Method 155 & 185

There is  whole new school of thought with regard to brewing coffee and it is a long way from your Mr. Coffee machine.  To get the most out of 3 wave coffee that been carefully sourced and then roasted and blended to perfection it’s a good idea to experiment with better brewing techniques.  A Baratza Grinder and the he Kalita Wave Pour Over system are a good place to start.

Coffee Grind…  The way you grind your coffee  has a direct connection to how it tastes in the cup.  Burr grinders like the Baratza series produce grounds with many more facets that are exposed to the hot water.  Then it is a matter of the coffee to water ratio. In the Kalita 185 I have at home it is 40 grams of coffee to 560 grams of water. This maximizes the extraction process and produces a cup of coffee that is stunning in its mouth feel and flavor.  Here are a few thing to think about.
Not All Coffee Roasters Are Created  Equal…  I try coffee from 3rd wave roasters everywhere I travel and I find that there is a big difference roaster to roaster. The crew at  DOMA are known in the industry as the OGs the Original Gangsters of the 3rd wave of Coffee Roasters.  So their sourcing, roasting and blending skills are at an elite level.  They do not compromise on quality.  In fact they are fascinated by the process which makes them great educators as well.
DOMA Sources The Best Origins…  Rebecca and Terry have been at this since 2000 and have developed a network of growers and brokers that provide them with rare high quality coffee, grown in pristine conditions, at altitude and an eternity away from the industrial producers.  Much of it is Organic but for origins like Brazil there is no certification for Organic. Also much like Cacao some growers are just too small to jump through the certification hoops yet they produce coffee of extraordinary quality and sustainability.
Light and Medium Roasts…  I used to drink nothing but dark roasts but now with my updated brewing skills find light to medium dark roasts more interesting to my palate.  They offer a interesting variety of fruit flavors much like savoring wine or craft beer and the mouthfeel is incredible.
Grinder Settings… Dark roasted beans are less dense  than light and medium roasted beans so you use a coarser grind setting say 20-22 on a Baratza Grinder.  For the light and medium roasts use a finer grind with the grinder setting at around 18.  This make a huge difference in how the coffee tastes.
Water Temperature...  Dark Roasts I don’t worry about the water so much and if the hot water maker has gone off in the last five minutes will start my pour over.  Light and Medium Roasts require that the water be as hot as possible.
Don’t Think You Are This Geeky???  Think again, where as the less than  average consumer who cant tell the difference between purple sludge laced Menage a Trios and a decent bottle of wine from Spain that drinks way beyond its price… well just about anyone can tell the difference between good coffee and bad.  This is a shocking revelation for me considering I have given hundreds of seminars and at least a thousand demos sampling all manner of food and drink. The one thing I am certain of is that as a people we are most united by our love off coffee. In addition the ritual of brewing coffee like this is therapeutic it is one of my favorite moments of the day.
Alternate Brewing Methods…  The French Press is a good method.  You still need a better grinder to achieve the best results.  The setting is much coarser like 30-35 on the Baratza grinders. The brew time should be 8 minutes not the 5 minutes they recommend.  This is according to Scott Yeost who is the Master of Coffee at DOMA and I thought it mad a big difference in the brew..
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