The De Carlo family has been producing Olive Oil in Puglia in South Eastern Italy just above the heel of the boot for over 4 centuries.  Today they are one of the worlds most revered producers as each and everyone of their products receives raves notices from the Olive Oil cognoscenti.  Many of the Olive trees in the groves are well over a century old and there are some as old a 2000 years.  The Oils themselves are lovely and if you ever find their veggies, sauces and tapenades in a store which are made with and packed in the same award winning EVOO buy them they are delicious.

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FRUITY: Medium-intense COLOUR: Intense green ACIDITY: Maximum 0,3

Year after year one of the highest rated olive oils on the planet!  A great finishing oil!

The nose opens wide and elegant. Net the smell of olive and grass mowed over a vegetable note of artichoke and green almond

Initial impression of sweetness, but then comes across as having pronounced, contained bitter, intense persistent prickly taste, as well as stimulating the palate with a persistent sensation of vitality

It expresses all of its character on simple grilled bread but is also ideal for raw meat preparations, legume soups, wheat, carpaccio meat dishes, and zesty first courses.

De Carlo Felice Garibaldi

FRUITY: Delicate COLOUR: Bright green ACIDITY: Maximum 0.3

Another great finishing oil but lighter than Torre Di Mossa

SCENT:Hints of meadow grass and green tomato, dominated by the aroma of olives

TASTE: Mellow and balanced, characterized by tones of fresh herbs and an aftertaste of green almonds; its spicy, mellow and lively texture stimulates the palate

“Felice Garibaldi” oil is characterized by a delicate taste and is perfect if used uncooked to enhance the taste and the scent of any kind of food. It is ideal on raw, roasted or steamed fish, crustaceans and molluscs, and hence for hors d’oeuvres, delicious first courses, carpaccio meat/fish and boiled vegetables.

FRUITY: Medium to harvest evolves to delicate during ripening COLOUR: Green upon production, evolving during ripening phase to a straw-yellow colour with some green tint ACIDITY: Maximum 0.3

A strong olive aroma, with hints od artichokes and green almonds

Soft and balanced, characterized by tones of fresh herbs and sweet almond aftertaste

One of the best values for an all-round the kitchen olive oil…

“Il Classico” is a delicate oil to use to flavor any kind of food without altering the peculiar characteristics of the raw materials used. Ideal for boiled fish or roast fish, fried sea fare, sauerkraut and roast meats.