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Peasant Pasta with Sardanelli Tuna
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Salmon Crudo with Arugula
Rocky Mountain Ahi Poke
Smoked Coper River Sockeye with La Veneziane Gluten Free Pasta

Smoked Copper River Sockeye, Pasta, EVOO, Grated Cheese & Jacobsen Sea Salt

You see the little jar of smoked salmon in the picture and the pic on the left where I just let it fall our of the jar.  This is a specialty of Alaska and you specifically want to look for Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon I have seen it on line and I recommend buying it by the case.  It is a great snack or pairing with cheese and charcuterie for one of those evenings when you don’t fell like cooking.  It also works great with pasta.

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The only thing you have to cook is the pasta and in this rare case I actually finish the pasta in the pot till Al Dente.  I will drain it in a colander, but please don’t rinse it just put it in the mixing bowl with the salmon you have crushed up with a serving fork.  A little olive oil….  the smoked salmon has big flavors so I usually use a big EVOO, some flaky sea salt and your favorite grated cheese (optional). If I have capers around I will toss in a few of those also.  This and a salad is a lovely meal with just a little assembly time.  I like pairing this dish with Inexpensive Red and White Burgundy and mineral rich Sauvignon Blancs and Sancerre.
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Pan Roasted Halibut With Shallots and Pecan Sauce
Crispy Pan Roasted Salmon
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Penne with Fresh Mediterranean Tuna

A drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar is a fantastic way to finished pan roasted or grilled seafood!

ReModena Certified Organic Condimento Grade Balsamic Vinegar
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