Bitters are trans-formative…

A dash or two added to any tropical cocktail that doesn’t normally call for bitters can be a big improvement. 

Amargo Chuncho is a go too bitters for me but as evidenced below experimenting with bitters made from related ingredients can yield excellent results.

 If you are a Rum drinker this is a humdinger!

If you can’t find Toadstool Pennellen Amaro No. 2 try Gran Classico I bet it is pretty good and and plan to give it a spin tonight!

If you prefer blender drinks…



Also below are good examples of riffs that will appeal to a variety of personal preferences.

Hemingway was a diabetic and this particular version may very well be the actual recipe that he drank.  It is spirits forward, simple and clean using only the Maraschino Liqueur to add a sweet balance to the cocktail. Don’t be bashful a dash or 10 drops of Dashfire Lime or Grapefruit Bitters works well in this cocktail.