Outstanding Vinegar

Company: Italian Harvest, Inc.

Steeped in nearly 500 years of tradition, Italian Harvest’s latest vinegar import from Acetaia Ducale stands out—even in a mature market. “It’s a pretty amazing vinegar,” says company co-owner Victoria Doggett.

Created at a family-owned estate vineyard in Mogliano in the northern Italy region of Veneto, the Sopraffino 12-year reserve is made from the must of merlot, cabernet and raboso grapes grown exclusively for vinegar products. Every step of the production, from grape harvesting to pressing and barrel-aging, is accomplished on the same estate, which dates back to the 1500s. The vinegar is refined for six years in oak, then for another six years in chestnut, oak and cherry barrels. The end result is a deep brown vinegar with a delicate balance of acidic, spicy and fruity notes.