Pesto Ligure by Ranise


Producer: Ranise

Weight: 6.35 OZ

A raw and unpasteurized pesto made with DOP (protected designation of origin) Riviera Basil from Liguria, grown just east of Genova, where pesto originated in the 1800s. Also made with D.O.P. Grana Padano cheese, this bright and flavorful “fresh” pesto is ideal with Ligurian pasta such as Trofie or Trenette. It is a perfect balance of the sweet basil and savory cheese.


Ranise Farm is pleased to introduce their Ligurian jarred products. Different kinds of specialties for wholesome and good meal. You can find and taste our olive paste and stuffed hot peppers great for a starter! And why don’t you try our Ligurian Pesto? A fragrant sauce for spaghetti or lasagna. If you are looking to prepare something new, exciting, yet delicious try our walnut sauce with ravioli.


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