Grilled Bell Peppers


Producer: Ortocori
Region: LAZIO

Weight: 11.65 oz

Made in the village of Cori, south of Rome, these delicious and firm grilled bell peppers are the best we have ever tasted. They are prepared as in central Italy; the outside skin of the pepper is blackened slowly over a flame until fully cooked inside, then peeled, sliced, and served with spices and olive oil.


Both yellow and red, sweet, tasty and easily digestible, highly rich in antioxidants (vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium), peppers represent an irreplaceable panacea in our everyday diet.

OrtoCori Peperoni alla Brace” are processed “fresh-harvested”  and once grilled they are hand-peeled and seasoned solely with oil and spices. They are perfectly suitable as a side dish for every occasion.


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