Bomba di Calabria Hot Pepper Paste from the region of Calabria


Producer: Magnifici del Mezzogiorno

Weight: 6.7 oz

From the Italian region that is famous for hot peppers, this delicious spicy chili paste is made by crushing Calabrian peperoncino (dried peppers) with extra virgin olive oil. Add as much (or as little) as you like to give layers of savory flavor to pasta sauces, eggs, vegetables, and meats.

*2013 Silver sofi Award Winner for “Outstanding Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer”


When it is necessary, in our specialties we use that bit livelier feel that is given by the Calabria: chilli colorful, cheerful, burning, chili we also put in our company philosophy.
In fact we are dynamic, optimistic, full of substance and spirit of innovation. We have a high amount of vitality, to cook always different needs, to serve with class and speed, for insaporirvi life as only we know Magnifici do.The genuineness is our philosophy of life.


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